Data is power, but our data systems are failing people across the globe.

Governments want to make better use of data to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, transform economies and protect people and the planet. Companies are constantly innovating and want to contribute to public good. Community groups are using data to serve their people and hold their leaders accountable.

Yet action is fragmented. Changemakers don’t know how to find each other. When they do, they don’t speak the same language.

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data bridges these divides - as a connector, a facilitator, a broker, and an advocate. Our vibrant global network of nearly 300 partners is collaborating to put the power of data behind delivering the Sustainable Development Goals by: 

  • Building a global movement and voice advocating on data for development
  • Influencing and shaping global policies and frameworks on data 
  • Getting data to where it is needed, in the hands of decision makers and governments.

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