Wiring Of Relay We work in more than 30 countries, and have brokered more than 90 partnerships across the globe.

Jeep Wj Wiring Harness We help governments with decision-making, encourage wider use of civil society data, and bridge the gap between those who need data, platforms and technical capacity to make decisions and find the technical partners to drive change. 

Electric Baseboard Wiring We have worked with 11 out of 33 national statistics offices in Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate more than 15 peer exchanges, spanning from the use of administrative data records for official statistics to the use of citizen-generated data to measure SDGs.

We support data-led responses to COVID-19 and other crises:  

  • The Government of Nigeria Presidential Task Force is using a COVID-19 data hub, to bring timely data to the heart of pandemic response.
  • The Government of Ghana is Online Wiring Library to track the impact of lockdown measures introduced to curb the pandemic.
  • Puntland’s Department of Statistics is Chevelle Electrical Wiring Diagram to inform responses to crises - from COVID-19 to Cyclone GATI. 

We work with partners using data to protect our planet: 

  • We launched the Africa Regional Data Cube, a tool and training package that made Earth observation data and satellite imagery analysis-ready and accessible to the governments of Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Tanzania - this spun out into a continental data cube service––Home Low Voltage Wiring. Watch our Relay Wiring Diagram Fan
  • The Government of Senegal is using satellite data to allocate drought-resistant crops to farmers, increasing the effectiveness of their climate adaptation policy.

We work to drive more equitable approaches to data:

  • We developed the Inclusive Data Charter to ensure the most marginalized, vulnerable groups are seen in the data that shapes policies. We work with the charter’s 26 signatories from governments, UN agencies, and civil society to improve data disaggregation so no one is left behind.
  • We work with Colombia’s National Administrative Department for Statistics (DANE), who recently took important steps to encourage and standardize more inclusive, disaggregated data across the national system.