Stanadyne Fuel Pump Diagram C-Change - short for corporate change - is a social venture that triggers businesses to make a difference and equip them to bring their purpose to life. Our technology makes it easy for all teams and functions across firms to capture impact initiatives and to share impact stories, inside and outside company walls. It helps them to assess their achievements against corporate goals and external benchmarks (e.g. the SDGs) and in no time accelerate learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Hillsboro Trailer Wiring Diagram C-Change was founded by Carolien de Bruin in October 2015, and has grown to a 5-people team. It is now affiliated with world-leading partners such as the Global Innovation Exchange, and business networks like Business Call to Action, Business 2030 and Business Fights Poverty. The C-Change Board includes world-renown leaders from amongst others the Omidyar Network, DSM, and Calvert Foundation.

Jeep Cj7 Horn Diagram Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Vw Wiring Diagram Beetle To unlock the power of data for businesses to accelerate their impact. Our C-Change technology makes it easy for companies to capture their impact activities, connect to platforms and data sources across the world, and make data-driven decision-making possible to accelerate their impact successes.


Initiatives in C-Change

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Citizen-Generated Data Task Team

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Working to produce recommendations on what types of CGD initiatives are best suited to different purposes; producing guidance on how to navigate and engage with different types of CGD initiatives; and providing a forum to share experiences, challenges, and learning related to CGD.

This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs