Dalberg Data Insights builds bridges between private data and important social problems.  We create tools to interpret data and uncover solutions in international development, humanitarian action, and social impact.

Throughout the world, and particularly in developing countries, policymakers, NGOs and other institutions often lack the right data to tackle important social challenges – how to most efficiently direct resources after an earthquake, for example, or how to contain a disease outbreak. Conversely, extensive and rich data sources exist behind the firewalls of private companies, such as mobile phone operators. By partnering with private companies, we access their data sources without compromising the privacy of customers or revealing proprietary information. We analyze these data sets and create specialized analytics allowing organizations to better target, implement, and evaluate their programs and initiatives.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The creation of tools to interpret data and unlock solutions in international development, humanitarian action, and social impact. More specifically, Dalberg Data Insights is willing to open algorithms to accelerate the development of an ecosystem of algorithms for social impact. Additionally, it is willing to play a role in continuing to leverage access to private data sources for social purposes and help building a sustainable ecosystem for both algorithms and data.


Resources contributed by Dalberg Data Insights

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